Mindful Snacking

Nutrient Dense

We eat to nourish our bodies, and mindful snacks make every nutrient count. By sourcing high quality organic ingredients and doing things like cooking at low temperatures, soaking/sprouting nuts and seeds, or packing in superfoods with high levels of different nutrients that we don't typically get, mindful snacks are as nutrient dense as they come.


What's the point in eating something if it doesn't taste good? There's no excuse anymore for foods to not taste good and leave the consumer feeling completely satiated. That's why mindful snacks pack bold, delicious, complex flavor, and don't leave you wanting anything else.


Mindful snacks don't slow you down—they pick you up and keep you on your path of productivity. Mindful snacks give you convenient, clean, real energy to keep you going throughout your busy day. Easily eat them anytime, anywhere, and feel good from the inside out.

the new standards to live by:


Gluten Free

Grain Free

Certified Organic


Tree nuts should be the only allergen allowed due to their nutrient density; no soy, wheat, dairy, OR peanuts.

Whole Food Ingredients