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    Living mindfully.

    Girl's On The Run

    You can help us live our mission of Mindfulness by supporting our partner charity, Girls on the Run.

    Supernola has committed to donate 2 cents from every box sold to Girls on the Run to inspire and empower young girls. Cindy, founder of Supernola, personally chose this organization because of the long-term positive impact Girls on the Run is proven to have on young girls. "I believe it’s important to help empower young girls and something i’ve always tried to support given my experience."

    Girls on the Run® is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to creating a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams. The program is built on three core teachings that are near and dear to our own mission: understanding ourselves, valuing relationships and teamwork and understanding how we connect with and shape the world at large.

    Running is used to inspire and motivate girls, encourage lifelong health and fitness, and build confidence through accomplishment. Important social, psychological, and physical skills and abilities are developed and reinforced throughout the program. At each season's conclusion, the girls and their running buddies complete a 5K running event which gives them a tangible sense of achievement as well as a framework for setting and achieving life goals.

    Girls on the Run teaches girls that you can. It’s a powerful message that can accomplish great things and lead to true, transformative change. For participants in Girls on the Run programs, that change is a 40% increase in physical activity and learned skills in conflict resolution and decision-making. For Supernola, you can means an unwillingness to compromise when it comes to your personal well-being. We believe in a lifestyle that prioritizes health and purposefulness, but also leaves plenty of room for fun (and deliciousness). Supernola is proud to support Girls on the Run in our mutual goal to get more out of life and shine a light on positivity and mindfulness.

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