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    Every bite matters.

    We believe we can actively create a better world through better food that is nutrient-dense, delicious and convenient.

    We believe that healthier, organic options should be a whole lot more convenient, a whole lot more delicious, and a whole lot more whole. Supernola’s chewy clusters are more than ingredients thrown together. They are a medley of purposefully chosen superfoods, tree nuts, seeds and spices that work harmoniously to help improve your well-being.


    Cindy’s Story

    I believe that the first step towards a fulfilling life is deciding that you deserve one. Easier said than done... I know. So, I made it my mission to create something that makes the healthy option the easy option. A no brainer.

    I started with the highest quality ingredients sourced from around the world. Ingredients that are not merely organic, but ingredients that do the heavy lifting to help raise well-being. But that was the easy part. What was missing from the healthy snacks in my pantry was mouth-watering flavor and satisfying texture. I needed something unique. Not a health bar, or another crunchy granola, but the best of both brought together.

    With a recipe of organic superfoods, nuts, seeds, spices and unrefined ingredients, I mixed up my first chewy cluster of Supernola in 2012. After 2 years of countless batches, rolling pins and hours of research, Supernola was perfected. It has been a great adventure spreading the benefits of Supernola across the country, I wouldn't trade this journey for anything.

    Supernola still has the same mission. Helping people feel good about the food they eat. The desire to enjoy your food and enjoy the way it makes you feel. And making the world a better place with every bite.

    Choose better with me.

    Cindy's Name

    We give back with each pack

    Supernola is proud to support Girls on the Run in our mutual goal to get more out of life and shine a light on positivity and mindfulness. 2 cents from every box sold is donated to Girls on the Run to inspire and empower young girls.

    Girls On The Run
    Cheers to Mindful Snacking

    Mindful Snacking

    Supernola prioritizes high-quality foods to nourish and sustain energy in-between meals. It’s the conscious decision to choose natural, real ingredients that provide health benefits in every delicious, purposeful bite.

    We use only natural, real ingredients that provide health benefits in every delicious, purposeful bite.

    Better food leads to better well-being, and it should taste pretty good too.

    Purposeful ingredients. Delectable flavors. All organic.

    Suited for paleo and plant-based diets, easy on digestion, and brimming with anti-inflammatory ingredients and antioxidants, Supernola is a mindful snack.

    Supernola was created to strike a balance between living a healthy, active lifestyle and enjoying the food you eat. A snack that doesn’t force you to choose between nutritious and delicious.

    Through exhaustive product research and development, we’ve created an ideal choice for consumers looking for a organic snack that’s honest about providing exemplary nutrition and flavor.

    Backpacking and Snacking

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